Experience a New Sense of Well Being and Balance
World Emu Progesterone Cream is specially formulated to help your body naturally adjust to its own cyclical changes without the side effects of prescription drugs. Simply apply a small amount of cream to your wrists or throat.


John R. Lee, MD, has successfully treated female patients with World Emu progesterone cream for over 15 years. Dr. Lee has defined the signs of progesterone deficiency for women over 35 years of age to include swollen breasts, depression, low thyroid, fibrocystic breasts, water retention, weight gain, and loss of libido.

Jerilyn C. Pryor, MD, an endocrinology professor at the University of British Columbia, found through testing that 50 percent of the women in North America are severely deficient in progesterone by age 35 and that, during the menopausal years, progesterone levels decrease by 40 to 60 percent. Dr. Lee defines this syndrome as "estrogen dominance". When this hormonal imbalance occurs, the estrogen becomes toxic to the body. Treatment with World Emu progesterone restores the balance between these two main female hormones, eliminating the need for synthetic hormone therapy, and the undesirable side effects.


The most effective method of restoring physiologic, equivalent to normal body function, progesterone levels is with the proper supplementation of transdermally applied World Emu progesterone. Products of Nature's World Emu Essential Body Cream is a technologically advanced light, greaseless, moisturizing formulation containing 960 mg. of World Emu progesterone in a hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) aloe vera base, free of colors and fragrance.

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