World Emu Pain Relief Cream is different from other types of pain medications on the market!
World Emu Pain Relief Cream is a special formulation of emu oil, pregnenolone, and glucosamine sulfate. These three ingredients, combined with the World Emu rich cream base, begins working on your toughest arthritis pain, in a matter of minutes. The cool feeling that you experience when you rub in World Emu Pain Relief Cream tells you that it is beginning to erase your pain and loosen the joints.

Why is World Emu Pain Relief Cream SO Effective?
Because it contains our pure, super-refined Emu Oil. Lenolenic acid (pain killer) and Oleic acid (an anti-inflammatory) occur naturally in Emu Oil. One of the most promising properties of Emu Oil is its ability to penetrate the skin. When other types of oil are on the skin, the body's defenses go up to try to fight the perceived invader. The skin has NO resistance to Emu Oil. Allowing PAIN RELIEF TO START ALMOST IMMEDIATELY.

Fast Relief with NO ODOR, NO CAPSAICIN
Many of the arthritis and muscle pain relief products on the market today contain capsaicin, which is actually an extract of HOT PEPPER. That may explain why many people may have a reaction to those products including redness and a burning sensation. World Emu Pain Relief Cream contains no capsaicin, HAS NO ODOR, and will not stain your clothing.

        3.5 oz. $24.95